We have replaced our paper-based system with moDel vehicle movement documentation management, which sets a new standard for efficient vehicle delivery for fleet suppliers and the wider automotive distributive industry.

This ensures efficient collection and delivery for every vehicle movement, saving time and money for our customers.

The details and condition of vehicles are recorded in electronic format, ensuring an ultra-reliable procedure for all-party agreement and quicker turnaround of delivery.

moDel allows us to dramatically reduce paperwork, speeding up the process for vehicle movements from the moment it is signed for.

Here are some of the ways moDel helps us deliver the most efficient, reliable and transparent service possible to our customers:

- Complete and accurate data collection
- Dual party deliverer / recipient confirmation
- Continuous data collection
- Auto camera activation when logging defects
- Rapid dissemination of delivery information
 - Increased business performance
- Better delivery of contractual terms leading to an increase in customer satisfaction
- Data access secured via moDel Pin codes
- Improves customer handover experience – professional and formalised
- Removes issues with form receipt delay, form loss and transcription errors
- Real time upload of documentation